Air Conditioning not cold?

We can take a look under the hood
  1. Your A/C is a fully sealed system and does not required a service until a failure has occurred. We recommend that you use your a/c at least once a week, even in the winter. By regularly using your a/c, you keep the seals lubricated which arctickextends the life of the system. When the system isn’t used for a long period of time, the seals dry out and lose their flexibility which increases the chances of a loss of gas and repairs will be required.
  2. When a failure has occurred, the first thing we check is whether it is a gas pressure fault or an electrical fault. From there, we narrow down the fault by pressure testing and UV light inspection for a gas fault or electrical diagnosis for the engagement of the compressor.
  3. All our work is performed in accordance with the Australian Refrigeration Council. Look for the tick!


Each car is different! Every make and model have different service schedules. At Bayswater Auto – Fix we follow manufactures specifications for log book servicing and more. What we have come to find is that the servicing via the log book is sometimes very basic and further inspections are required. We go the distance. The first time we service your vehicle, we provide a complete and thorough inspection of your vehicle. Here’s what we do:

  • Road test vehiclelicensed-repaier
  • Engine oil & oil filter change
  • Brake inspection & safety check
  • Top up all under bonnet fluid levels
  • Check cooling system- coolant condition, pressure test & physical hose inspection
  • Inspect all hoses, belts and hydraulic lines for leakage and fatigue
  • Tyre inspection / removal / rotation
  • Cooling system inspection
  • Spark plug inspection
  • Steering & suspension check
  • Lights, wipers, battery & electrical check
  • A/C and heater temp test
  • Air Filter inspection
  • Trans & diff oil sampling
  • Exhaust checks
  • Full report

From this thorough inspection we will inform you of any immediate work that is required. We will supply a report that gives you an idea of the condition of your vehicle and what work that is to be performed on your next service, giving you total upfront honesty without any surprises. Service price starts from $160 for a standard 4 cyl front wheel drive car. The price increases depending on the quantity and type of oil used. Courtesy vehicle soon to be provided.

Rust coming through?

Rust is a quick way of turning your vehicle into a worthless pile of scrap metal.

Common causes of rust is poor smash repairs, leaving cars parked under trees and in the rain, not polishing work paint and incorrect windscreen replacement.

Custom rust repair & restoration.  ‘Rare Spares’ rust repair sections fitted or custom made sections fabricated.  All panels are fully welded and made to look as original as possible.

Diagnostic Scan

We take care for your vehicle

The age of computer driven cars has well and truly taken over. When a fault occurs, you need a scan tool that can identify the problem. Our new Snap-On scan tool will deliver accurate diagnosis when you need it. It’s not just fault codes, our tool will do far more than that. Here’s a taste of what’s available:

  • Key programming
  • Diesel injector programming
  • Electric brake resets
  • Service resets
  • Component testing

So when that check engine light appears or the air bag light is staying on, just ring and organise a time for an inspection.

Auto Electrical

We can fine-tune your car

With over 10 years of experience, we have all your auto electrical needs covered.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Diagnostic service & repair
  • 240v Inverters
  • Batteries
  • Immobilisers / alarm systems
  • Central locking
  • Electric windows
  • Lighting (work lights / strip lights / beacons)
  • Cameras (reverse / front / winch)
  • Spotlights / LED light bars
  • Trailers / caravans / 4×4 Accessories
  • Wiring

And more!